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Ship repair work


The geographical situation at the heart of a busy maritime region, associated with the experience of managers from the PIRIOU group favoured the development of the repair work branch, which has been on the crest of the wave since the arrival of the dry dock. WEST ATLANTIC SHIPYARD has deliberately focused on responsiveness and quality, which are indispensable factors in gaining the loyalty of international recognised clients.

All the specialist skills are available, under western supervision:
BV certified aluminium and steel welders, metalworkers, fitters, electricians, electronics specialists, refrigeration engineers, mechanics and carpenters.

All sectors are covered, from the blasting-paint to onboard electronics and aluminium/steel sheet, mechanics, electricity, refrigeration installations, air conditioning and carpentry. High performance, modern tools (laser alignment, machine-tools, etc.) provide the technicians WEST ATLANTIC SHIPYARD carries out work on an occasional basis or in the framework of repair contracts and classification surveys, on all types of ship used by the oil and gas industry:
AHTS, PSV, FSIV, crew boats, tugs, dredgers, etc.

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