WEST ATLANTIC SHIPYARD is equipped for the construction and repair of all types of ship up to 100 m.
Due to its geographical location, WEST ATLANTIC SHIPYARD mainly builds support vessels for the offshore industry and is taking steps to increase diversification into different sectors in line with the PIRIOU group’s strategy.

bateau-01Crew-boat 19m
Length: 19.17 m
Beam: 4.74m
Crew: 3
Transport: 25 persons

bateau-02Crew-boat 25m
Length: 25.90 m
Beam: 6.20m
Crew: 3
Transport: 70 persons

bateau-03Crew-boat 26m
Length: 26.90 m
Beam: 6.20m
Crew: 4
Transport: 50 persons

bateau-04Crew-boat 34m
Length 34.30 m
Beam 6.70m
Crew : 4
Transport : 46 persons

bateau-05Catamaran 20m
Length: 19,95m
Beam: 7,20m
Crew: 3
Transport: 40 persons

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